75 Sala Bajurg Dekh Lao Kudi Nal Nanga Fadya Gya

December 22, 2016


Punjab police have captured a gang from village Nihal Singh Wala who were doing such disgusting crime with the support of ladies. Ladies members of that group would start affairs with the old persons and give them some medicine to make them unconscious.

After that they capture his videos with the ladies member and start blackmailing them.

The police captured two members of that group Vinod Kumar and Raju belonging from Raikot. They are Searching for other 3 members of that group.

The gang do that same thing with Jagir Singh s/o Malkit Singh from VPO Dadour. They were demanding 2 lakh from Jagir Singh. The police arrested the blackmailers when they came to receive the money from Jagir Singh. Stay Connected with us and Be alert all the time.