Akali Dal Vich Bagavat Seats Piche Peya Roula

November 19, 2016


Shiromani Akali Dal has launched his 69 candidates list for 2017 Vidhan Sabha election .Akali dal have introduced some new faces in that list. On the other side many old candidates have been removed from list. In Nihal Singh Wala, Moga where Rajwinder Kaur is present MLA Whose seat have been cancelled and allotted to S R Kaler. Due to this that area peoples are very angry and protesting against Shiromani Akali Dal in the favor of Rajinder Kaur. In Punjab many akali dal workers and members are unhappy.They are now against to Shiromani Akali Dal due to his new 69 Candidates List. Many new candidates have got opportunity wither some candidates areas have been changed. More over some candidates names have been removed from list.