Es Kuri Nu Sharam Nai Aundi? – Non-Veg Swaal Javab!!!

August 3, 2016


A video of a girl posing as a Biology student asking non-veg questions has caused some debate among people who have seen the video. Now the video is a prank but the content is not to everyone’s taste especially people of the older generation. These pranksters do deserve some credit for some of their pranks but this one has got some criticism. Now the reality is that this is purely for financial purposes. They are probably students and rather than taking a high interest loan or some sort of cash credit these youngsters are making money with these videos. They are generating cash and credit with the maximum amount views on a video so the controversial type will get the most coverage. Is it better to do this or to go and get some financial credit via a loan to pay for your studies?

Punjabi News Live