Gangs in Punjab – Special Documentary

December 8, 2016


Gangs in Punjab – Special Documentary

An eye opening documentary on the rise of gangs in Punjab over the last decade. The growing number of gangsters in Punjab has led to warfare and shootings. Sukha Kahlwan, was a named gangster who ran a large group with affiliates believed to be over the world. He was gunned down by a rival gang on the way to a court appearance.

The shooter was later identified as Vicky Gondar who ran a rival gang of villains throughout Punjab. It is reported that there was rivalry between the the two groups, allegedly over drugs.

Recently, there was a gangster by the name of Jagga, who was arrested by the Amritsar police. He had an accomplice called ‘Dangerous Jatti’ who would entrap enemies of Jagga to meet up. But she would not appear and Jagga would arrive with his gang and shoot them.

The youngsters who are unemployed are joining these gangs in Punjab as they have nothing better to do. Also the music industry is promoting gangs and the youngsters also get influenced by that.

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