Ghasti Kudiya ENJOYING in Khalsa College

November 28, 2016


Ghasti Kudiya ENJOYING in Khalsa College

Girls of Khalsa College (Amritsar) have sparked off a debate due to an event which took place there recently. A news broadcast has been titled as how they were looking good on a ramp and how they have done a great job.

But some people after watching the clip have the total opposite view stating that this is not something that should be done in Khalsa College. One person stated “how the fu*k can these sl*gs dress like such h*es in a college named after Khalsa, these dirty sl*gs should be really ashamed of themselves”.

Another person stated “this is the twenty century and we should allow our daughters to be in relationships and dress in shorts and skirts for the boys to see as this will help them get married”. What do you thing about this?

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