Joga Singh Khalistani te Attack Karan Wale nu Singha ne Sodeya

November 20, 2016


Joga Singh Khalistani who was recently passed away in the month of October.He was attacked by Sandeep Chand by hitting  with a vehicle on July 01 and He was in coma at ICU ward of DMC hospital since that day.

A hit and run case was registered against Sandeep Chand. Now photos and videos being viral on social media in which Sandeep Chand badly beaten by Joga Singh Khalistani fans. According to news Sandeep Chand is now at hospital. He is in ICU and his situation is very critical. Sandeep Chand badly beated  by Jasmeet Singh ,Sukhraj Singh ,Gurprehar Singh. Gurprehar Singh has been arrested by Police.