BREAKING NEWS – Kamalroop Excommunicated from Khalsa Panth

July 9, 2017



UK based Kamalroop Singh who has often been portrayed as a leading Nihang authority has been excommunicated on account of repeated sacrilegious acts, according to a video.
In the widely circulated video on social media, the Shiromani Panth Akali Budha Dal have given strict notice clarifying that neither Kamalroop Singh nor anyone has permission from them to form any other Jathebandi (organisation) to commit sacrilege in the manner Kamalroop Singh has reportedly done.
The speaker states that for these reasons and for bringing the honour of a Mahakal Singh into disrepute, the Panj Piare and the Panth have reached this decision.
The speaker in the video states that the mistakes Kamalroop Singh has committed contrary to Maryada include the Prakash of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in a Hotel and dancing in clubs. It is stated that for committing such acts, he has been excommunicated.

When Kamalroop took Guru Granth Sahib Ji to a venue in Monaco

During the video, Kamalroop Singh is also given notice to appear before the Panj Piare and Jathedar Baba Bahadur Singh Akali to give an account for his mistakes.

Kamalroop posts pictures of Baba Bahadur Singh Ji Akali on Instagram

Upon accepting them, the speaker suggests he faces punishment according to Khalsa tradition. It is further stated that if he fails to act as the Panth commands, then he will be punished in accordance to what the Panj Piare and Panth deem appropriate.
Kamalroop often does tours in Europe and other countries teaching meditation and other spritual practices.

Kamalroop at a spiritual retreat

Attempts to contact Kamalroop for comments on the video have been unsuccessful.