MAULVI Runs Away with Punjabi Girl and Makes Video (MMS Scandal)

August 23, 2016


MAULVI Runs Away with Punjabi Girl (Malerkotla)

A well respected Maulvi from Malerkotla ran away with a teenage Punjabi girl and had the nerve to post the video online of them getting intimate. Israr Alum Khan, aged 35, posted the video below on a forum with a caption “love conquers all” and the video managed to get 13,000 views in the first couple of hours of posting online.

Harpreet Sandhu, aged 19, was groomed according to her parents as she apparently has learning difficulties. Punjabi News Live¬†was contacted by her brother who claims that she is mentally unstable; “my sister is like a child mentally, this ba$tard maulvi has taken advantage of her or done some kind of black magic things. She was friends with his younger sister and would go round their house. I am thinking he must have done something to her.”

The police refused to comment on the case and claim that an investigation is taking place to confirm whether she went on her own will. Any updates will be posted on Punjabi News Live, the number one online news channel for all Punjabi’s.

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