Miss Punjaban Reply to Gurjant Singh

January 28, 2017


Now a days Gurjant Singh who is living in Australia is high lighted due to his video. Recently a video was being viral on social video in which Gurjant Singh was commenting on Babbu Maan and Sharry maan in his recent video. In this video a Punjabi girl is replying to Gurjant Singh. She said Google and Microsoft CEO are Indian. She said in USA  almost 1 million Indian software engineers are Indian . Then how can you say Indian peoples are useless. She insult a lot  Gurjant Singh due to western culture. She also targets Gurjant Singh on his patience. She said Why you need to use words in your speech like Kutta Kutti, Ladhu, Dalla. Just because your thinking do not match with this peoples it does not mean other peoples are wrong.