Nashe Khaa Ke Sukha Paunchia Sri Harmandir Sahib

September 25, 2016


Nashe Khaa Ke Sukha Paunchia Sri Harmandir Sahib

Sukhbir looked high on nasha as he visited Sri Harmandir on Friday evening.

Punjab vice president pastor Sukhbir Badal on Friday went by Muhawa town to share the anguish of the dispossessed groups of seven schoolchildren killed in a late street mishap and reported to build a dedication in the memory of the youngsters.

He met the dispossessed families and communicated sensitivity for them. Sukhbir additionally declared Rs 20 lakh to set up a stadium in the town in the memory of perished kids.As the drained extension was seen as a noteworthy explanation behind the mishap, Sukhbir taught the Public Works Department to build a solidified wall by expanding the width by one-and-a-half feet on every side of the scaffold by breaking the railing. He said every single such extension ought to likewise have such a wall.

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