Nawanshahr Ch Pandit Kuri Naal Dekho Ki Karda Fadea Gya

December 20, 2016


NawanShahr ch Pandit Kuri Naal Dekho Ki Krada fdea Gia

This video is being viral on social media in which a Pandit is caught red handed along with girl. This incidence took place in Nawashahar, Punjab. Religion is a Place where peoples goes for God’s blessings and feel positive after going there. But some peoples makes  that place dirty with there dirty mind and activities. Must watch this video in which Mandir Pujari captured in video while doing sex with a girl. Pujari has a relation with this girl. Mandir  members Captured Pujari along with a girl red handed while doing romance in his room. They both were naked at that time.