SHAMEFUL: Son tortures 80-year-old mother, daughter-in-law makes video

February 10, 2017


This is a very shocking news this Incident took place in Bloath village, where Two daughter in laws allegedly killed their mother in law in Bloath village,Akbarpura. Their lovers are also involved in this murder.

According to Police, Two daughter in law’s named as Rajdeep Kaur and Rajwinder Kaur murdered their mother in law Swaraj Kaur. Because her mother in law knows about her secret relationship. She was trying to stop her daughter in law’s.

According to news both of this ladies Rajwinder Kaur and Rajdeep Kaur’s husband’s  are living abroad and the ladies involved in extra marital affairs. Accused Women locked the children in room and committed the crime. Police has arrested the victims and enquiry is going on.