Shocking – Avtar Makkar Te Gurbachan Singh Di Charap!

April 19, 2016


SGPC Chief Avtar Makkar and Giani Gurbachan have had a fight even in show of the media. The exact reason behind the fall out is unknown but it has become clear and Gurbachna is probably on his way out. Senior members of the SGPC are often involved in scandals and there was a recent loan incident where they were handing out cash in hand loans from the SGPC funds. The money from historical Gurdwaras is use to give out high interest short term loans as cash. These loan deals are given to family members or friends as a short term loan. These people are unaware that they could probably find cheap loans by searching online. But rather than searching online for cheap loans they are turning to their relatives who are SGPC employees.

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