Sukha Kahlon te Vicky Gonder De Sathiya Di GANG WAR (CCTV Footage)

August 27, 2016


Sukha Kahlon GANG WAR with Vicky Gonder

Sukha Kahlon’s gang members are continuing the war with a rival gang led by Vicky Gonder. A violent clash took place in a Jalandhar court earlier today where some of the rival gang members were presented for court appearances. The police intervened but there was still some injuries on both sides.

Sukha was gunned down last year while he was on the way to a court appearance. A group of 15 masked armed men ambushed the convoy, fired bullets into him and even danced while recording the incident. It was later reported that the assassination was carried out by a group led by Vicky Gonder.

sukha kahlon dead body

After the murder, members of the Sukha Kahlon gang vowed to take revenge for the murder of their leader. However, the police had managed to arrest those responsible before the revenge attacks could take place. Since then there have been scuffles at court appearances and even in jails where they are lodged together.

During investigation of Kahlon’s murder, it was disclosed to the police that some of his accomplices, namely Tirath Dhilwan, Rammy Masaana, Neeta Deol, Aslam, Prema Lahoria and Vicky Gonder came to Sekhon’s village where they hatched the plot to eliminate Sukha Kahlon and worked out the modus operandi to kill him,” an IG claimed.

History of Sukha Kahlon

Sukha Kahlon had almost 40 cases against him in Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal and Rajasthan for crimes ranging from contract killing to robbery. He was lodged in the Nabha jail but escaped with the help of his accomplices in June 2012 while being taken to a court for hearing. He was then arrested in November 2012 by the Haryana police.

Gang War shootings are taking place on a regular basis in Punjab. There has been a huge increase in the amount of gangs due to unemployment and drug addiction. The youth of Punjab have no direction and aspirations in life.

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