Sunanda Sharma Di LIVE BEZTI

September 28, 2016


Sunanda Sharma Di LIVE BEZTI

As we Know, due to The emergence of social media , many Punjabi Singers face criticism due to vulgar and rubbish songs. Many singers has been criticized for promoting drugs and violence. A new singer named as Sunanda Sharma is in news due to her song “Patake”.
Bullter Ta rakheya Patake Paun Nu : Actually the song is promoting eve teasing. In Punjab Many people use this “Patake” way to molest Girls. When Journalist Sapan Manchanda asked the Singer Sunanda Sharma about this she just could not answer properly.

Another thing is, Sunanda Sharma’s song Pataka is based on Punjab Farmers who are popularly known as JATT. But Some people took the song offensive for jatts. Because in Punjab Farmers are committing suicide to loans and other problems. And This female singer is glorifying Jatts for wrong reasons. She is trying portray that the Jatts are quite prosperous and rich in Punjab. Few days Back, A man asked Sunanda Sharma to Portray true picture of Punjab Farmers.
video: Punjab Herald (DM)

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